PT5000 hands - same of ETA 2824

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PT5000 hands - same of ETA 2824

Post by karot81 »

Hi, I'm looking for a set angelus or 6152 pam style hands for a pt5000 movement, to be fitted in a mini fiddy 44 mm case.
The size should be 1,50 for the hours and 0,90 for the minutes. I'm not interested in the seconds.

I looked on internet and the only one that I found are this one ... e-shipping

do you know any other source where I can find something similar?
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Re: PT5000 hands - same of ETA 2824

Post by Emilio »

ETA 2824 hands are the same size:

Hour: 150 (1.50mm)
Minute: 90 (0.90mm)
Seconds: 20 (0.20mm)

DG2813 hands are similar:

Hour: 150 (1.50mm)
Minute: 100 (1.00mm) YOU CAN DROP SOME GLUE
Seconds: 17 (0.17mm)

Maybe you can use that info to look for more hand sets.
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