Members and dealers on probation

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Members and dealers on probation

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Members and dealers on probation:

While these members/dealers provide a valuable service for our community there have been issues in the past and we would like to give you a full disclosure so that you can decide by yourself if you would like to do business with them.

1) Neckyzips (Joe)

Neckyzips is a great maker and fabricator who provides multiple dedicated services related to watchmaking ranging from custom dials to bespoke case sets and vintage mods.

He joined us before the creation of this new home and is well-known on other twinned forums.

Unfortunately, he is suffering from health issues which impede him from working within a reasonable timeframe for completing the requests. There is a delay of around 2 years for all the orders he is working on.

Please, decide at your own risk if you desire to pay upfront for his services.

We hope him the best and a full recovery.

2) Chileantiques (Jorge)

Chileantiques is a long-standing member of the community and is best known for providing plates to convert SF240 and Cortebert 616 movements as well as other custom watch and movement parts. His work is of outstanding quality and countless builds were made only possible by his offerings and work.

At the same time, we had numerous instances in which Chileantiques promised a finishing date in the near future but did not reach it. The resulting wait times often accumulate up to several months (typically 3 to 6 months).
During these times, members often experienced that their reminders and requests were read, but not answered by Chileantiques. This created intense discussions and usually resulted in appealing to our mods.

In most cases, the issues could finally be resolved and the ordered goods were delivered.
The best way to reach out to Jorge seems to be his WhatsApp or Telegram number: +56948625070.

3) Mark Midlands

Mark is one of the best builders known to the community. Watches built by him show creativity, are extremely faithful to the original and well made.

Recently, we had several cases where Mark would not or no longer respond to messages sent to him by his customers and orders are still pending. Because we as mods did not succeed to make contact, we banned Mark from HF. At least until we will have managed to get in touch with him again and all open orders are settled.

Mark can still be reached by email.

4) drkside

banned on many forums for being a chiseler.

Last known email
gothamtoys @

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