Seiko 7M22-6A50

Seiko, Soxa, and FFF mods and parts discussion
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Re: Seiko 7M22-6A50

Post by tafari »

nice duo, how dowa the automatic generatic system works?
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Re: Seiko 7M22-6A50

Post by bmsm »

The movement has a rotor from a mechanical automatic watch. This is connected with gears to a magnetic piece. When rotating will move the magnetic piece that will generate power with the coils. The energy is stored in a capacitor. After this will be the same as a quartz.

This particular movement was one of the first automatic quartz movements ever made.

Today the AGS was renamed to Kinetic.

My description will contain a bunch of technical errors but the main principle it’s a dunk inside the watch to generate power.
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